As a leading event management company, VJ Eventz specializes in orchestrating creative, fun & engaging events for kids. We are proud to present our Kids Artica, a creative wonderland for young minds to explore, express, and embrace the magic of art!

Event Hightlights:

Creative Themes and Concepts:

We are aware that imaginative and exciting themes and concepts are essential to a child’s development. Because of this, we provide a variety of imaginative themes and concepts for Kids Artica events. Our themed painting events immerse youngsters in magical settings where they may realise their artistic fantasies, whether it’s a mythical unicorn adventure, an underwater excursion, or a trip into outer space.

Professional Direction and Support:

Our group of adept event coordinators and art instructors is committed to making sure that both children and parents have a smooth and pleasurable day. Throughout the event, we offer qualified direction and support to ensure that every child feels inspired and equipped to pursue their artistic interests.

Convenience and Safety:

Events for Kids Artica is carefully organised, with safety being the first priority. Our facilities are kid-friendly, and all of the art supplies we use are safe for kids of all ages. While they immerse themselves in the realm of art, parents can relax knowing that their young children are in capable hands.

Unforgettable Memories:

Kids Artica activities focus on making treasured memories that will last a lifetime, not merely promoting art. Our events leave a lasting effect on both children and their families by documenting genuine moments of happiness and laughter and by celebrating each child’s individual creativity.

Extra Info

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