As a passionate and leading event management firm, VJ Eventz takes great pleasure in planning Kiddathons that give kids of all ages happiness, fun, and a sense of success.

What We Provide

We Create. You Celebrate.

Fun-filled Kiddathon Experiences

We want kids and their families to have a great time at our Kiddathons. With brilliant décor, jovial mascots, and entertaining activities, we create a lively and festive atmosphere that enhances the event’s excitement.

Age-Appropriate Races and Games

We are aware that kids have a range of skills and passions. Our Kiddathons contain a variety of races and games that are suitable for kids of all ages, making sure that each one of the tiny competitors feels involved and encouraged to give their all.

Security and safety

Our primary goal is the children’s safety. The Kiddathon routes are thoroughly planned and carried out while taking the necessary precautions for children’s safety. Throughout the event, members of our event crew and medical experts are on hand to offer prompt aid if required.

Encouragement and Appreciation

In our Kiddathon, every child wins! Each competitor receives a unique medal and is cheered as they cross the finish line, giving them a boost in confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.

Family Togetherness

Kiddathons celebrate the bond between families and are not just for the kids. In order to make the occasion memorable for everyone, we invite parents, guardians, and siblings to take part in parent-child relays and other interactive games.