Renowned as the best event management firm, VJ Eventz is committed to planning memorable, enjoyable activities for the whole family. With Kidz Paintica, we hope to enliven young minds and establish enduring associations of joyful colour and creative inquiry.

We are excited to present to you a vibrant spectacular that mixes creativity, art, and endless entertainment. Kids can let their creative sides out at Kidz Paintica, a unique event where they can become lost in a world of brilliant colours and artistic expression.

Event Highlights

Paint Party Fun

Kidz Paintica is all about the joy of painting! Our paint party features safe and non-toxic paint that washes off easily, allowing kids to get messy and explore their creativity without worries.

Interactive Art Stations

Our interactive art stations offer a variety of painting activities that cater to all age groups and ability levels, from canvas painting to collaborative murals.

Themed Zones

Enter enchanted themed areas where children can paint alongside their favourite creatures, characters, and scenery, igniting their creativity.

Entertainment and Music

To keep the energy levels soaring, we provide lively entertainment, music, and engaging hosts who will ensure that the kids are fully immersed in the artistic experience.

Safety and Clean-Up

Kidz Paintica ensures a safe and hygienic environment. Our team will be on hand to supervise the kids and assist with easy clean-up after the painting fun. Kidz Paintica welcomes children of all ages, making it a perfect event for families, school groups, and birthday parties. It’s an opportunity for kids to let their imaginations run wild and paint their world with vibrant hues.

Extra Info

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